has changed ownership as of 19th December 2018, please see the news for more information. If you have any queries please open a Support Ticket. Thank you.
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Not familiar with cryptocurrencies? No problem.
Published on 21-12-2018

So, as we have noticed, many of you hesitate to approach crypto currencies, as a whole.

Reasons are very familiar to us, too.
It's something new, it's in a bear market, add_every_other_reason_here.

Bitcoin as a crypto currency is here to stay. We can guarantee this with everything we own. Otherwise, we wouldn't be here today, buying this website and wanting to improve it big time.

For that reason, mdshare ( moderator) has written an amazing tutorial for you guys, where you can find out how you can use, buy and sell bitcoin. Even with PayPal (Without getting banned)!

Here are the links:

How to buy Bitcoins with Paypal (Click here)

How to buy Bitcoins with Paypal (Part 2 HERE.) Or simply scroll down from link #1.


If you earn online, you must realize that you need to adapt to the changes. Google makes changes constantly, that we all need to follow in order to sustain our online businesses.
If you say no to crypto currencies, the downside is much bigger, because the bigger part of online earning communities nowadays is focusing on crypto.


If you want to know how to create your account on faucethub, just open this, and add your preferable language:
YouTube link (Click on me)
In case you have missed our previous news post, please scroll below this text and see our previous one.




New ownership & management
Published on 19-12-2018

Hello, publishers.

I am happy to announce that there's a new team behind this wonderful project.
On December 19th, purchased


Before anything else is said, we need you to whitelist the following IP, so you can continue with your business:


We have some bad news, and some good news.
Depending on a few things, bad news could be good news, for your case.

Let's start with the bad news.
Old got banned from PayPal. Their money got frozen for 180 days, so they couldn't operate properly. offered to buy the entre debt owed to all PTCWall users and continue operating.
But there's a catch.

As many of you know, focuses 100% on crypto currencies, since we believe they are the future of money, and value.
From now on, we will be continuing operating PTCWall, but only with Bitcoin. Due to this all pending withdraws made in other currencies (e.g. DOGE or LTC) will be cancelled and refunded, as well as any pending PayPal withdraws. If you need a Bitcoin wallet you can sign up on, Coinbase, or use our microwallet with 0% withdraw fee at (we recommend this one, obviously!).


For users who don't know how to buy, sell, withdraw, deposit bitcoin, we will make a quick tutorial, and explain as much possible, in order to get you ready for the next level PTCWall.

Good news

  1. There's going to be a fee reducing. From 3% withdraw fee on bitcoin, we will lowering it to 1%.
  2. We are planning to add more offers, since we have managed to get a lot of contacts from our main business.
  3. ALL YOUR MONEY IS SAFE, however please allow us some time to process your withdraws and implement our payment gateway. (Support tickets asking when their funds will be sent, wont be answered. Please understand that we just got the site, and we need to understand how everything works, before we can send any funds)
  4. Our main communication channel will remain our support system, so, please, if you have any questions, please open a ticket and we will get back at you ASAP.
  5. We will continue sending withdraws on Sundays.

Thank you for your time, and attention.
mexicantarget, on behalf of everyone involved on and



Celebrating Halloween with +20% PTC Ads
Published on 30-10-2018

Chrome 69 is out, Is your Site Marked "Not Secure"?
Published on 07-09-2018

Its official, now that Chrome 69 has been released anyone that has a site without https will be marked as "Not Secure".


"This follows another change made recently: Chrome marks all standard HTTP websites as “Not Secure.” Websites are secure by default unless Google Chrome tells you otherwise. In the future, Google is even going to get rid of that little gray lock icon."


If you have not added https / SSL to your sites you should do so as soon as you can, this is only the first step they will continue to penalize anyone not using https as time goes on, from what we have read they may go so far as to block you from viewing the site by default and force the user to agree they know the risk of continuing to a non-secure site.

Here is again the two free places that we found, There are many others that are paid and not even that costly if you prefer ones that you can get badges and such with your purchase.

HTTPS / SSL Active.
Published on 21-07-2018

We have added the SSL to the wall now but have found issues that we did not think of ahead of time. So Most of you have already adjusted your banner images to either uploading them or using SSL URLs but we have found with the way Googles requirements are set up that we also need to use SSL web addresses on the surfer for Paid to Click ads.

All ads that don't already have https URLs will be excluded from being shown on any site that has already switched over to SSL (HTTPS). We would like the advertisers to switch their ad URLs but if you don't want to or can't right now then, for now, we will just exclude your ad when the wall is called using HTTPS. This will not be the case forever though as we need to fully switch to SSL only at some point down the road so updating as soon as you can is the best bet.

To that end, we would like to recommend some places where you can get free SSL Certificates.

Both of these two are 100% free. Google is pushing all website to be SSL compliant or risk their site being tagged as Not Safe.


For more Info on this, We have found an article about this located here if you are interested.

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