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Random Tips about the Video Jackpot tab.
Published on 17-11-2017

Jackpot Winnings: When a user from a site wins the Daily Weekly or Monthly Video Jackpot the site owners earn the same percentage as any other offer credited. i.e. Say the user wins $5.00 and your wall is set to 75%, Your users will be awarded $3.75 (75%).

Bonus Fact: Changing your percentage you pay users will dynamically change the amount the user sees they will earn per credit on the Video Jackpot page as well as the amount they are told they won if and or when they win one of the jackpots.

Bonus Fact 2: Video Jackpot will increase in value over the coming next weeks (Already at +10% now) (Now at +20%) tell we are paying +30% more than normal, ending on December 25th

Halloween Video Jackpot Special
Published on 23-10-2017

Hello there,

We thought we would give the walls users a treat this year with a Special Dedicated Halloween Video Jackpot. This Jackpot starts at $5.00 Right off the top and will be running from the 24th to the 1st of Nov (12:01 server time) This is in addition to the normal jackpots NOT in place of them.

If you are a Site owner we encourage you to make a note of it to your members as if you were unaware you get a cut of all won jackpots the same Percentage as you do on any offers/videos. 

We hope you have a Happy Halloween this Year from us here at PTCWall. Cat

EngageMe.TV +30% bonus
Published on 11-12-2016

EngageMe.TV is paying +30% bonus tell the 17th on all videos watched these offers are open to all USA members.


Some Notable Upgrades.
Published on 04-12-2016

--Advertiser, The Maximum clicks per day Limit now Spreads the number of clicks out over the entire day rather than delivering all the hits right away after the ads reset. This should help you get a more even variety of users clicking your limited ads each day.

--Advertiser, You Can now set the Click wait days. If you would like to limit users, for example, to only be able to click your ad every other day you would change this setting to 2.

--Site owners and people that refer others, You will now be able to use their Account balance to buy ad credits for a small discount. The amount of discount will vary depending on what you are buying. ATM the credits are set to a discount in a range between 3% and 10%. The amount may be adjusted over time but I don't see it moving much off that mark by very much. We save Money on Deposit fees allowing you to buy out of your account balance so we are passing that discount on to you. How does it work? Just Select the item you want to order then click Buy now on the Right-hand box the one that shows the discount and the current account balance.

PTC Credits now cost less.
Published on 30-11-2016

PTC Credit Prices have been lower.

3k -- $0.35 CPM
5k -- $0.33 CPM
10k -- $0.31 CPM
25k -- $0.30 CPM
50k -- $0.29 CPM
100k -- $0.28 CPM
250k -- $0.27 CPM
500k -- $0.26 CPM
1000k -- $0.255 CPM
5000k -- $0.25 CPM

*PTC and Banner ads will no longer be auto-deleted at midnight after they expire.


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