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EngageMe.TV +30% bonus
Published on 11-12-2016

EngageMe.TV is paying +30% bonus tell the 17th on all videos watched these offers are open to all USA members.


Some Notable Upgrades.
Published on 04-12-2016

--Advertiser, The Maximum clicks per day Limit now Spreads the number of clicks out over the entire day rather than delivering all the hits right away after the ads reset. This should help you get a more even variety of users clicking your limited ads each day.

--Advertiser, You Can now set the Click wait days. If you would like to limit users, for example, to only be able to click your ad every other day you would change this setting to 2.

--Site owners and people that refer others, You will now be able to use their Account balance to buy ad credits for a small discount. The amount of discount will vary depending on what you are buying. ATM the credits are set to a discount in a range between 3% and 10%. The amount may be adjusted over time but I don't see it moving much off that mark by very much. We save Money on Deposit fees allowing you to buy out of your account balance so we are passing that discount on to you. How does it work? Just Select the item you want to order then click Buy now on the Right-hand box the one that shows the discount and the current account balance.

PTC Credits now cost less.
Published on 30-11-2016

PTC Credit Prices have been lower.

3k -- $0.35 CPM
5k -- $0.33 CPM
10k -- $0.31 CPM
25k -- $0.30 CPM
50k -- $0.29 CPM
100k -- $0.28 CPM
250k -- $0.27 CPM
500k -- $0.26 CPM
1000k -- $0.255 CPM
5000k -- $0.25 CPM

*PTC and Banner ads will no longer be auto-deleted at midnight after they expire.


Some new recently added features
Published on 24-08-2016

We have added a lot of features since the last update but these two I wanted to be sure and highlight for all of you site owners. We have added some functionality to the Network Offers Log page. If you click Publisher Dashboard then click Network Offers (you can also click the links on this page to get a full list with paging) you will notice some new stuff. Offer and Target columns. 
Offer, some site owners wanted to know what offers the users were completing, you can now see this, on the ID # Hover your mouse for the name of the offer.

Target, Hover your mouse over the target image and this will tell you what countrie(s) the offer is set to target, so, for example, you have a user that completed 3 offers in a row, so you come look and you see Offer one is targeting the US, offer 2 is targeting CA and offer 3 is targeting the UK... This will allow for better insight for the site owners. Now, this example soon will not be posable as we have stuff that should eliminate that from ever happening coming down the pipe but it's a good way to explain one way this feature could be used.

As always we have lots more coming, one that will be a rather large addition now that we got a bunch of the smaller add-ons done we can dedicate some time to a large one. Stay tuned...

Postback URL Validation.
Published on 12-08-2016

We have added Postback URL Validation, On Adding a new site or Updating / Editing a current site when you save the settings if the URL does not respond in 5 seconds or less and has any redirects in it the URL will fail validation. On that event happening you will be asked to manually validate the URL by setting a username and an amount that will credit that username (we advise using an admin username for this test), it will send the credit and if it goes through the URL will be validated. This should help to lower the number of issues we have been seeing with users putting in the wrong URL.

You may also note under the Publisher Dashboard under the Website Colum under each domain it will tell you if the URL is seen as Valid by the system or not, Green is your all good and Red is this sites postback file needs some attention. In the coming months, we will be stopping postbacks to sites that get a lot of failed postbacks automatically by automatically changing the validation to UnValidated and emailing the site owner. ATM this has not been added yet but it's coming down the pipe. This will ensure that the server is not standing around waiting for these postback files that are not responding and help improve stability. We have already changed the amount of time it will wait from 60 seconds to 30 and then again changed it from 30 seconds to 5 seconds (about the industry standard.) We have also updated the Errors and Messages that are shown on the postback pages to indicate in more detail what happened on each postback. Sometime in the near future we will try and get a page up to list any failed postbacks and allow you to try and send them again once your URL / Site has been fixed if you so wish.

We are starting to make progress again after dealing with some major issues, Much more coming very soon.

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